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Fully integrated financial planning, tax planning, and investment management for anyone with equity compensation.

What is Equity Compensation?

Equity compensation is broadly defined as non-cash pay offered to employees. This may include stock options, restricted stock, and performance shares. Understanding the ins and outs of equity compensation and how to make it work for you, is at the core of what we do.

Incentive Stock Options (ISO)
The most complicated of the lot - ISOs present an opportunity for preferential tax treatment. However, they can be complicated by the alternative minimum tax and specific holding period requirements
Non Qualified Stock Options (NQSO)
Typically less complicated than ISO - The difference between the exercise price and the fair market value at exercise is commonly taxed as ordinary income
Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
Stock that is purchased through payroll deductions - For a qualified ESPP, stock may be purchased at a discount and include the ever attractive lookback provision (see your plan rules)
Restricted Stock Units (or Awards) (RSU)
The full value of the award is often taxed as ordinary income when the units vest. Tax is often withheld, and the remaining value is delivered in shares of stock.
Stock Appreciations Rights (SAR)
Similar to NQSO, the spread between the exercise price and fair market value is taxed when you exercise your rights. An exercise of SARs often results in you owning shares of stock or receiving a cash payout (see your plan rules)
Performance Shares & All Else
The catch all for other types of equity compensation

How We Can Help

Equity compensation affects the entirety of your financial life. Here are some ways we can help you manage it all.

Equity compensation is confusing and complex
Get an experienced advisor who can explain what you have and what to do about it
Avoiding the burden of unexpected income tax
We can help you develop a plan to exercise, hold, and sell stock that considers potential income tax, sale proceeds, and after-tax savings
Potentially missing out on the upside of company stock, and managing the concentration risk that comes with owning too much of one stock
Your plan will account for your goals and objectives, overall investment profile, and net worth to strike the right balance between selling or holding shares
Managing the cash flows and tax obligations from an exercise or sale of stock
We’ll create an investment strategy that makes the most of after-tax proceeds from sales of shares
Integrating equity into a comprehensive financial plan
With professional guidance and advice, you can properly manage the complexity of your equity compensation and integrate an action plan into your overall personal financial planning goals and objectives.

Our Process

While equity compensation adds complexity to your financial profile, we can help you understand it, identify your options for action, and give you a strategic plan to use going forward.

Here’s how we do it:

Understand you and what you want to accomplish
We begin by learning more about you - your priorities, your goals for the future, and your current financial situation - so that we can build a completely customized plan tailored to your specific circumstances.
Review and analyze your financial facts
We do an internal review of all your key documents and previous equity activity, as well as review your non equity assets to gain a full scope of your finances. This positions us to make informed recommendations for your plan.
Build the framework for your strategy
We use your details and facts to understand your cash flows, income tax, investments, and more. This allows us to identify a clear starting line, from which we can chart an accurate course to where you want to go.
Evaluate the options
We illustrate a range of future outcomes for you Together, we’ll evaluate the pros and cons of any particular path and answer questions each potential strategy to pursue.
Select a path forward
Our team will help you make a decision on which plan will best serve you in reaching your goals, and we’ll make recommendations on how to get started and maintain your path over time.
Implement, monitor, update, and repeat
The world changes, and so do stock prices, tax laws, market performance, and personal financial goals and objectives. Through it all, our team is there for you when you need support, a review of what’s next, or further guidance based on shifting financial landscapes.

Our Services

A straightforward pricing structure that includes the services that you need without the things you don’t need.


A Snapshot in Time

Great if you have a focused tax need – or seek tax preparation

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A Financial Plan

Great if you are seeking integrated financial planning, investment management, and tax planning

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Fully Customized Wealth Management

Great if you have a complex situation and want everything we offer

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Why Work With Us

SimoneZajac WMG is a boutique wealth management firm that specializes in equity compensation. We provide fully customized financial plans and investment solutions that integrate your equity compensation.

We have direct experience with both public and privately held company stock and we have Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents on staff.

Richard A. Zajac, CFP®, CPA
The resident CPA, Ricks calming presence keeps the ship straight - Even as he watches his kids run the business
Daniel Zajac, CFP®, EA
Lead equity compensation enthusiast - Daniel likes all things equity compensation, probably too much
Ben Zajac, CFP®, CIMA
Chief People Person - Ben likes people, and fortunately for us, people like him too

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